Running since 1964, Socrate Catering is one of the most distinguished restaurants in Ras Beirut, famous for its home-cooked meals. The original logo has been a trademark in Hamra for a long time. For that, the rebranding has been conceived around the famous S, elevating it to a more modern and elegant platform. The rebranding has been fully done on all material: corporate, restaurant related, trucks, advertising, uniforms, etc. This project has been executed at GraphicShop s.a.r.l. under the art direction of Mrs. Noha Karanouh.

Old logo vs. New logo
Letterhead, Business card, Envelope
Folder with customized folds, business card slits and brochure holder
Placemat, coaster and napkin
Paper bags, cake boxes and take-away salad box. Available in different sizes
Express Lunch box
Truck branding
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